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Class Photo

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bob Bickerton came to South School on Wednesday the 8th of August. He is a musician who can play lots of different instruments. He made us laugh a lot. Here are some of Room 2's stories.

I am watching a man playing instruments and he is good and I like his tune. We all liked the music and I laughed because the man was being silly. Me and Matua laughed the most in Team One. by Luca

I saw Bob Bickerton. He had a guitar. It was loud and he was funny. He was crying. Then he stopped. Then he had to do some music with Team 3. by Kayan

My favourite instrument was the harp at the show. It was cool at the show. Isobel's favourite is the harp too. I like the sound because big things sound low and small things sound high. by Grace

We went to Bob Bickerton and I saw the instruments. I had fun because he showed us the instruments. by Charlotte

I liked the violin because it was a beautiful sound. It was a beautiful instrument. by Zion

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