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Class Photo

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Team 1's Visit to the Aquarium

On Friday the 3rd of August Team 1 went to the Aquarium in Napier.
We went into the classroom first and Jacque told us the rules. Then we went on a tour with Jake. After that we went into the classrom. We learnt about mammals and fish. Jacque showed us the inside of a fish and then we played a game, "Is it a fish?" Next we went into the new Enviro room with Karlee. She showed us the new piece of artwork and talked about recycling. Then we played Fish Bingo. We had a great day and had some tired people on the bus on the way home.

Here are some of our stories:

I was standing in a shark and I saw a fish and an eel. It was cool because it was electric. by Zion

The shark is big. Mrs. Heald is in the water. The shark is in the water. by Tyrell

Mrs. Heald she swam with the sharks and the fish. We went in the bus. by James

We played, "Is it a fish?" and a crab is not a fish. We packed it up. by Bryan

I saw Mrs. Heald. She was swimming in the water. She was nearly by the shark. by Mahesha

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