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Class Photo

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Our Maths Discovery Day

On Friday the 17th of August Team 1 had a Maths Discovery Day to coincide with New Zealand Maths Week. All of the activities involved Maths in some way. In Room 2 the activities were Guess the number of Beans (the answer was 112 so well done Matua!), triangular puzzles, time activities, tangrams, calculators, cooking, dominoes and maths games. Some of the activities the other three classes had were weighing, estimating, target throwing, Interactive Whiteboard activities, geometrical patterns and symmetry activities. We had to complete an activity in three different classrooms. A big thank you has to go to Mr. Dunn and the Room 15 students who helped us with the activities. It was great to see the big children helping the little children.

Each day of the week we did the daily challenges off the website and on Friday afternoon we went to the Computer Suite to play some of the maths games.

Everyone enjoyed Maths Week and had lots of fun.

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